Integrated Status Obtained

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Integrated Status Information

The College has always attracted pupils from a wide range of cultures, traditions and backgrounds and currently admits pupils from 17 feeder primary schools across the Borough of Antrim. This diverse range of student population vindicates the college mission statement which is 'to provide a caring learning environment where each person feels valued and respected'. The school ethos encourages the promotion of tolerance, inclusion, diversity and mutual understanding amongst all pupils.

Following the outcome of a parental ballot in 2008, the Board of Governors submitted a Development Proposal to the Department of Education to transform the College to controlled integrated status. In May 2009 the Minister of Education granted conditional approval for transformation from September 2009 or as soon as possible thereafter.

In the light of this conditional approval the Board of Governors have deemed it appropriate that the College should move forward using the name Parkhall Integrated College.*

* with conditional approval from September 2009.

Integrated Status Obtained