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School Uniform

The aim of the school uniform is to encourage students to take pride in their appearance, to recognise the importance society attaches to conventional wear and to discourage undue emphasis upon the latest fashion.

A note is required on any occasion when a pupil is unable to wear the complete uniform. We value parents' support of our uniform policy.

The official list of school uniform is detailed below. This uniform must be worn at all times, including travel to and from school, and for the entire school year. Parents will be contacted if their child is wearing any garment which is not on the prescribed list. Our official uniform supplier is Wallace's at 13 High Street, Antrim. Unless dressed in complete school uniform, pupils will not be permitted to go on any educational visits, class outings or representative fixtures. All instances of non-uniform will be dealt with by the Year Head. Break detention is the usual sanction. All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the pupil's name and class.

Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform

Only plain dark overcoats are permitted

Integrated Status Obtained