Integrated Status Obtained

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Art & Design

As a department we aspire to make Art and Design enjoyable, interesting and challenging for every pupil. Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment and a positive, encouraging atmosphere where pupils are given the opportunity to explore their individual creativity.

During their course of study pupils will gain experience of a wide range of materials, media, techniques and processes in line with the Northern Ireland curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to consider the place of artists, craftspeople and designers in our society and in different times and cultures.

Key Stage 3

All pupils in years 8, 9 and 10 are assigned three thirty minute periods of art each week with units of work lasting between 8 and 10 weeks. At the end of year 10 pupils are given the opportunity to continue Art and Design to GCSE level.

Key Stage 4

Pupils choosing art and design at GCSE level will follow the AQA syllabus. They will be assigned six thirty minute periods a week. Within the two year course pupils will be required to complete a portfolio of coursework which must include two projects and a final examination. During each project pupils will explore a theme, develop ideas and plan and produce a final piece. Research, investigation and experimentation are an integral part of each body of work.

Integrated Status Obtained