Integrated Status Obtained

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At KS3 all pupils have the opportunity to study Drama for 30 minutes each week and are encouraged to explore their potential in a safe and creative environment.

Pupils at Parkhall use different drama forms e.g. mime, acting, improvisation and dance to communicate ideas in an innovative and challenging way. Pupils experiment with voice, movement and gesture to communicate meaning and are introduced to different design aspects.

Pupils at Parkhall also have the opportunity to experience live and recorded drama and respond to a variety of texts.

Tutors from "Youth Lyric" are regular visitors to Parkhall, taking a Drama Club and Masterclass.

At KS4 Drama GCSE pupils follow the CCEA specification for Drama, which provides them with opportunities to develop both a practical and theoretical understanding of drama.

Skills Developed

Drama develops a number of important skills and capabilities. These include:

Integrated Status Obtained