Integrated Status Obtained

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English is chiefly concerned with developing the skills to communicate with confidence. In English classes there is a strong emphasis on active learning enabling pupils to fulfil their maximum potential in all aspects of English. Group work is encouraged and discussion, role-play and drama focused activities form a significant part of our teaching.

Writing, both fiction and non-fiction, is central and we value very much the importance of literature to the successful teaching of English. Many of our pupils have had their poems published in the "Young Writers" Compilation, others compete regularly in the Ballymena Speech and Drama Festival whilst top authors like Alan Gibbons and Julie Jarman have conducted writing workshops.

The English Department aims to consolidate the creativity of its teaching in accordance with the Revised Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and in so doing maximise the use of I.C.T as a weapon in its armoury.

Integrated Status Obtained