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GCSE Subject Choices

Subjects which are presently offered at GCSE Level are:


 * Pupils prepare for making choices in Careers Class.

 * New subjects are explained to pupils by relevant member of staff.

 * H.O.Ds speak to Year 10 classes about courses in their subject area.

 * The Key Stage 4 Curriculum is explained to Year 10 parents on a  interview/options evening.

 * The Key Stage 4 Curriculum Guide is sent home for parents and pupils to read/discuss.

 * Pupils are encouraged to talk with Subject Teachers, Careers Staff, older pupils etc.

 * Pupils return Choice Sheet to School signed by Parent/Guardian.

* The final Option Groupings are agreed by Senior Staff.

* Parents receive copies of pupils' final Option Choices. Parents should discuss the preferred options with their young people, remembering to select courses which will give them as wide an experience as possible, while also preparing them for future careers or employment.

 A period of some weeks elapses while Senior Staff arrange the classes, endeavouring as far as possible to accommodate each pupil in his/her first choice subject but this may not always be possible so it is important that careful consideration be given to second choices. It should always be noted that the final decision will take account of performances at Key Stage 3 and the Christmas/January Report.

At this stage it is hoped that all courses will run but if there are insufficient numbers of pupils opting for a particular subject it will be withdrawn.

NB: Only in very exceptional circumstances can changes be made to these choices after the Courses have started so it is important that pupils and parents give this whole matter careful consideration before reaching decisions.


Integrated Status Obtained