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Home Economics

Key Stage 3

All key stage 3 pupils study Home Economics for three periods each week. The aims of this subject are to develop pupils as individuals by helping them explore health in a practical context, enhance potential to have a healthy life style and to make responsible choices about diet and health. The skills based approach, used provides opportunities to develop skills in the choice, planning, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

Pupils are also encouraged to develop as contributors to society by giving them a sense of themselves as social beings and how to relate to one another. The course also encourages the pupils to gain an awareness of themselves as discerning and effective consumer.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 offers the choice of three courses at GCSE level. Home Economics encourages a critical and analytical approach to decision making and problem solving in relation to the areas of Diet and Health and Consumer Awareness.

Within this subject a great emphasis is placed on the acquisition of practical cookery skills.

GCSE Child Development involves the study of the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of children from 0 -5 years. The knowledge and skills acquired will prepare pupils for the challenges of parenthood which lie ahead.

Occupational Study - Care Units (G.C.S.E Level) helps pupils gain an understanding of the main characteristics of a safe, secure and stimulating and Childcare and education environment. Young people who would enjoy a career working with children would find this course invaluable.

Integrated Status Obtained