Integrated Status Obtained

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The ICT department in Parkhall Integrated College seeks to enable our students to achieve their highest academic potential and to develop their practical, social and personal skills with the support of ICT.

Through our ICT Policy and teaching we aim:

ICT is a very powerful teaching tool, which has a major impact on pupils' motivation and confidence. It supports and extends the development of literacy, numeracy and core skills whilst enriching the learning environment.

Opportunities are given for pupils to develop research skills to enable them to locate, exhibit and evaluate information from a range of sources.

The pupils' experiences of ICT are acquired, and developed in all areas of the curriculum and in each of the areas of learning as an integral part of the NI curriculum. Our KS4 ICT results are consistently well above the NI average with the majority of pupils gaining certificates in the A* to C range.

Integrated Status Obtained