Integrated Status Obtained

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Mathematics is a universal language which can be used to describe, explain and interpret the world in which we live. We aim to prepare pupils to use and communicate Mathematics confidently so that they are prepared for real life situations outside school.

The Mathematics Department aims to present Mathematics in an interesting and enjoyable way while stimulating pupils' curiosity in this subject. Great care is taken to ensure the transition from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible with mathematical skills already achieved being reinforced while developing and introducing new skills and concepts.

Pupils are encouraged to work to their full potential at all times. At Key Stage 3 pupils follow the revised Mathematics Curriculum with a strong emphasis on active learning. Developing the skills to perform mental calculations is promoted and practical activities, including the use of Information Technology, is used to enhance pupils' understanding of Mathematics. The skills acquired at Key Stage 3 are continued and developed at GCSE with pupils working towards a GCSE modular Mathematics qualification.

At Parkhall Integrated College we encourage pupils to broaden their Mathematics experiences giving them opportunities to take part in many mathematical activities. Some of these include an after school Maths club, monthly Maths competitions, UK Maths Challenges, Maths fun days, NSPCC Number day, educational trips and programmes relating to personal finance delivered by visiting speakers.

Integrated Status Obtained