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Motor Vehicle Studies

The Policy of the MVRUS Department in Parkhall Integrated College is rooted firmly in the overall school aims and objectives which aim to develop the child intellectually, socially, and personally. It is generally accepted that our educational system must try to equip young people to deal with every aspect of modern living and with this in mind it is the duty of the MVRUS Department to try to impart the necessary life skills to enable the child to deal with the road and traffic conditions which exist in Northern Ireland today.

Road Safety Education in its widest sense can be defined as the continuing effort to educate all road users in the proper use of the roads. Within the school system it may be further defined as the systematic use of all the available resources to instil not only the mechanics of safe behaviour but also attitudes which ensure that such knowledge is translated into practice.

Road Safety Education taught thoroughly and progressively over a period of time should result in better-informed and considerate pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Ultimately this will result in a decrease in the number of accidents on our roads with a consequent reduction in deaths and injuries.

Departmental Aims

Motor Vehicle Studies and Road User Studies is intrinsically linked with the general school aims as well as having the following subject specific aims:

Information Technology

Computer Programmes used extensively in:

Health Education

Delivered in Post Accident Procedure and alcohol and drugs section of the course.

Economic Awareness

Delivered in motoring mathematics section: financial aspects of motoring.

Cultural Heritage

Delivered in evolution of road transport through the ages section. Visits to transport exhibitions are arranged from time to time.

Integrated Status Obtained