Integrated Status Obtained

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In 21st Century we all have many questions relating to the world, religion, faith, beliefs, moral issues and much more. In the R.E department in Parkhall Integrated College we are committed to assisting in your search for answers to these questions.

Religious Education is teacher led and includes projects, research, discussions, developing analytical skills, use of ICT and reflective thought on key issues.

We aim

In KS3 RE pupils examine the origins of the Bible, Creation of the World, Christianity and the life of Jesus including his miracles and teachings. They will delve into the lives of influential figures such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Dr Barnardo and how they continue to have an influence in 21st century thinking. They are introduced to Judaism and Islam and have opportunity to examine the key beliefs and key religious leaders.

In KS4 RE we teach CCEA GCSE Full Course and this includes a study of the life of Jesus, a study of the different Christian denominations within N. Ireland and various issues of Morality. All pupils study RE at KS4 although not all pupils study the GCSE course.

Integrated Status Obtained