Integrated Status Obtained

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The Science Department is committed to developing an understanding and knowledge of the world of science whilst encouraging an interest and enthusiasm for the subject regardless of previous experience. We acknowledge the value of the pupil's experiences in Key Stage 2 and build on these.

At Key Stage 3 we emphasise the practical delivery of science backed up by notes designed by our teachers to meet the needs of all our pupils. The courses are broad and balanced, appropriate to girls and boys and designed to take account of each pupil's level of ability.

Our recently renovated labs provide a safe, comfortable and inspirational learning environment. We have recently had interactive whiteboards installed in 3 labs and now have Digital Projectors in all rooms. This has greatly enhanced the pupils' science experience as well as providing instant access to a massive range of relevant information on the internet.

We address many relevant themes with particular reference to Health Education, Careers, Environmental Awareness and ICT.

We organise visits and events such as Belfast Zoo, The Planetarium, W5 and Queens University

At Key Stage 4 we offer either GCSE Double or Single Award. These courses are modular and are designed to provide all pupils with the opportunity to succeed. Both courses include elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Integrated Status Obtained