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Tech & Design

The aims of the Technology and Design curriculum are:

Having gained a broad based knowledge at Key Stage 3, pupils have the chance to build on their existing knowledge at GCSE. Parkhall Integrated College offers three GCSE courses.

Design & Technology

To prepare students to participate in today's rapidly changing technologies. The course calls for students to become independent and creative problem solvers. It encourages students to become discriminating informed users and innovators of products.

Design and Technology can lead to a career in many fields such as engineering (e.g. software/hardware, electrical/electronic, civil, aeronautical, manufacturing, and biomedical), architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

GCSE in Construction and the Built Environment - CCEA

Through studying this specification, students develop knowledge and understanding of the construction industry. They also develop and practice some of the craft, computer aided design (CAD) and technical skills that are widely used in the construction industry. Students have opportunities to apply their developing knowledge and skills in relevant, enjoyable and work-related contexts.

This specification prepares students for further education, training or employment in the construction industry. It helps them to develop and practise key transferable skills that are important in working life.

GCSE Manufacturing (Single Award) - CCEA

Through studying this specification, students gain knowledge and understanding of:

Students develop and use a range of practical skills when designing and making manufactured products. They also develop design, computer-aided design (CAD) and technical skills, and evaluation and problem-solving skills.

This specification can help students progress to a BTEC National in Manufacturing or an A Level in Technology and Design. It also prepares them for work in the manufacturing industry, a modern apprenticeship or further education courses in manufacturing or engineering. This specification provides some of the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for the National Vocational Qualification in Performing Manufacturing Operations.

Integrated Status Obtained