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GCSE Results press release 2016


Pupils at Parkhall Integrated College celebrated receiving record breaking GCSE results yet again on Thursday morning and with good reason!


At the last confirmation of results, 87% of pupils had reached the target of 5A*-C Grades –  a further increase of 6% from 2015 and an increase of almost 20 % from 2013, demonstrating the rising attainment levels within the school.

The 5 A*-C grades (including English and Maths) has reached a record high also, increasing by 12% from 2015.

60% of the year group obtained 7 or more A*-C grades- a 13% increase from last year.


Principal George Beattie commented


‘We are all absolutely delighted with the results this year in what are the highest results ever achieved by the school. We had 43 children who obtained the standard that Grammar school children are measured on- 7 A*-C grades including English and Maths, which is absolutely tremendous. They have been achieved though hard work from the pupils, quality teaching from the staff and a high level of pastoral support and guidance.  The relationship and support of the parents also plays a crucial role in this success.


I am particularly delighted to see that our Head Boy, Sam Cunningham obtained 4 A* and 4 A grades whilst our Head Girl, Lily Appleyard obtained 10 A*-C grades.


The curriculum that we offer is suited to the needs and aspirations of the wide range of abilities of our pupils and allows them to achieve appropriate progression routes for the future.  As with many

non-selective schools we will continue to focus on raising standards of literacy and numeracy and aim to continue to raise our performance in these areas in the future



6 of our pupils obtained 11 or 12 A*-C grades - Chloe Mercer, Ieva Rudnickaite, Jessica Williams, Amy Hunter, Hannah Mellon and Sytoria Wainwright-McNeilly  which is an incredible performance.  


Charlotte Braithwaite, Rhea English, Hannah Gordon, Jade Mawhinney, Rebecca McClenaghan, Rebecca McQuillan, Morgan McVicker, Lyndsey Mitchell, Charlie Fry, Matthew Thompson and Tonisha Walker all obtained 10 A*-C grades.


Danielle Wilson obtained 4A grades and 4B grades, Charlotte Montgomery obtained 2A*, 3A, 3B and 3C grades, Sam Courtney obtained 2 A*, 2 A, 2B, 2C, Dylan Wilson obtained 2 A*, 4A, 1B and 1C.


Other pupils performing at a very high level, gaining 8 or 9 GCSE  A*-C grades included Caroline Adair, Sam Boyd, Emma Carlisle, Jamie Cherrington, Dean Clyde,, Nathan Farrell, Luis Frexail, Michael Harrington, Jim Irvine, Mark Kirkpatrick, Cody Law, Bartosz Gorecki, Ethan Morgan, Jamie Steele, Amber Turner, Matthew Allen, Maggie Chan, Ryan Anderson, Chloe Irwin, Emmy Johnston, Ethan Leeper, James McComb, Nathan McKay, Shelby McKee, Lauryn Moore, Aaron Roberts, Kris Sweet, Matthew Tomlin, Dane Woodage, Chloe Woods and Jordan Taylor.



Mr Beattie did reflect on his frustration at the educational provision for young people within the town of Antrim.


‘We are delighted that annually some of our pupils have the opportunity to transfer to study ‘A’ Levels and we wish them every success but it is frustrating that so many more of our pupils who are seeking a vocational education have to travel to Ballymena, Newtownabbey or Belfast.  This simply makes things a lot more difficult for our young people to succeed  and sometimes leads to higher drop out rates than normal. We currently have submitted a Development Proposal for post 16 provision that requests that our young people would be able to remain with us for 6th form study from September 2017 and that through collaboration with Antrim Grammar school that we would be able to provide for the educational needs of all the young people within Antrim”



The College would like to extend a word of congratulations to all pupils who received their results yesterday and wish them every success for the future.

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Integrated Status Obtained