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Waiting List Policy- Year 8 Admissions 2019

Should a vacancy arise after the date when placement letters have been issued from EA, all applicants that were initially refused prior to that date, will be considered using the published criteria applied and the rank order established during that process. Existing Applicants who have supplied new or additional information will be ranked according and any new applicants after the date when placement letters were sent will be added below the existing applicants. This rank order will remain in place until the 1st of September, of the year of admission.

If parents/guardians wish to have their child’s name remain on the waiting list, beyond this date, they should inform the school in writing. Parents who have been refused admission through normal processes, or who are late, or new applicants, may apply for inclusion on the waiting lists. Once the child is placed on a waiting list they will remain on it until they are offered a place, withdrawn from the list by the parent or the child reaches the end of the compulsory schooling.

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Integrated Status Obtained