Integrated Status Obtained

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Parkhall Integrated College is a caring friendly school concerned with all round development of our pupils, to allow each and everyone to achieve their full potential. As we endeavour to promote the development of the 'whole child' one aspect which we wish to highlight is the development of a positive attitude to a healthy lifestyle.

Drugs Education is delivered through a co-ordinated programme involving Personal Development, Health Awareness and the school's Pastoral Care and Curriculum Programme. A wide range of teaching and learning strategies will be utilised to ensure that the issues, attitudes and values raised by young people can be handled in an effective, helpful and sensitive manner.

As a school we believe that the self worth of the individual is of great importance and therefore we will not tolerate any presence or evidence of illicit drugs in school. A drug is any substance which, when introduced to the body artificially, affects its function and the individual's behaviour or emotional state. Illicit substances will include ?legal? drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, solvents, poppers and magic mushrooms.

All pupils deserve to be protected, and their well being and welfare are of paramount importance to all members of staff. In incidents involving banned substances there will be a reasoned and careful assessment involving all parties concerned, and this will be reflected in the manner and severity of the sanction imposed.

This could involve one or both of the following sanctions:

We will endeavour to provide an environment and programme which develop self-respect, self-reliance and self-discipline leading to a drugs-free life style ? but taking into account the needs of those individuals for whom prescribed drugs are essential.

Parents are advised to notify the school of any medical condition which requires prescribed medicines either regularly or occasionally. The parent will be required to complete a Medical Information Card giving all necessary information and advice on what procedures to follow in an emergency. These cards will be readily accessible to the member of staff in charge of sick pupils.

The complete policy is available on request from the General Office of the Junior School

Integrated Status Obtained