Integrated Status Obtained

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P7 Zone

In Parkhall we have always been sensitive to this stage in our pupils' lives and put a great deal of thought into the planning and effecting of the Induction period.


In the summer term, members of staff visit feeder schools in the area and talk to the primary teachers about the Year 7 children who will shortly be moving up to Parkhall.

An Induction evening allows parents and pupils to meet with the Principal, Senior Staff and Year Heads.

An induction morning and evening in June creates an opportunity for Year 7s and their parents to learn which Class they will be in, learn who else is in the group, and who their new Class Teacher and Year Head will be. During the morning pupils take part in ice breaking and activity sessions

During the first month Workshops are organised when visiting organisations, such as Childline, deliver sessions which deal with issues such as listening skills and resolving conflict.

Integrated Status Obtained