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Admissions Criteria

Please click on the following link to access our admissions criteria to Year 8 for 2023 - 2024.

Admission to year 9 and onwards

Within the overall school enrolment, pupils will be admitted according to the following criteria applied in the order set down below:

1. Provided the school’s enrolment number set by Department of Education is not exceeded;

2. Provided the admissions number for the year group is not exceeded;

3a. Provided the inclusion of an additional child does not place a class into conflict with DENI regulations on class sizes;

3b. Provided there is a vacancy in the class best academically suited to the child;

4. Should more than one child apply at the same time for the same year group, we would use the same admissions criteria as are used for admission into year 8;

5. Only in very exceptional circumstances will any new students be admitted to year 12, and only then provided subjects required by the student match those on offer in the college.