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Positive Behaviour

Parkhall Integrated College’s vision is to provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential.

Our behaviour policy is based on the simple requirements of courtesy and mutual respect, which contribute to the development and maintenance of good behaviour and a positive ethos. Our code of conduct is displayed in all classrooms and reinforced by teachers in class and by pastoral staff.

We value highly the close links that develop between parents and teachers and encourage on-going contact. We greatly appreciate the support of parents when implementing our behaviour policy, which is disseminated through our guidelines booklet.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility through opportunities to become a class monitor, a junior school mentor or a junior school or senior school prefect. These positions of responsibility provide pupils with the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and organisational skills and their ability and willingness to help others.


Parkhall Integrated College Vision Statement

‘To provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential’

Rewards Structure

Rewarding positive behaviour through our school rewards structure is a key aspect of school life. In this way, pupils will achieve recognition for a positive contribution to school life.

The current rewards structure is based around four main categories: attendance, academic performance, sporting performance and good behaviour, courtesy and manners. Rewards may be informal – through teacher praise and simply good work – and more formal, such as merit stickers, certificates, vouchers, trips or other items that have been identified by the school council.

The system aims to raise self-esteem and self-confidence through recognising and rewarding our young people’s achievements, and we are delighted to receive the financial support of our business partners, through our Business Community Partnership Scheme. We currently receive support from the following:

  • Islandbawn Buliding Supplies
  • Moes Grill
  • Hutchinson Care Homes
  • Wallace’s Antrim
  • IED (Design & Marketing)
  • Danske Bank Antrim
  • M Clarke Mortgages

This initiative was highlighted as an example of good practice within the ETI report, citing the tangible support from local business, and we are indebted to their contribution.