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Student council

Parkhall Integrated College has a student council which represent the student voice throughout the college. Students on the council are selected by their peers in a democratic election process at the start of the academic year.

The student council:

  • Meets regularly.
  • Represents students and gives them a voice in how the school is run.
  • Enables students to identify issues that concern them about the school and to communicate those concerns to teachers and the school's leadership team.
  • Has an input in the drafting and implementation of new school rules and policies.
  • Gets to question the principal at regular question and answer sessions.
  • Runs campaigns on particular issues such as recycling or other general issues in the school.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to acquire valuable citizenship skills and to contribute to the school community.

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Parkhall Integrated College Vision Statement

‘To provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential’