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Pastoral Care

The most recent ETI Inspection graded the pastoral care provision in the college as “very good”.

In Parkhall Integrated College, we believe that children learn best in an environment where they feel happy, secure and valued. We therefore place great emphasis on our pastoral care programme, which fosters positive relationships and community spirit. We strive to ensure every child has opportunities to achieve success, not only in academic or vocational study, but also in the wider life of our school.

We promote healthy lifestyles and positive attitudes in all of our pupils as well as fostering an environment where diversity is valued and where the worth and self-esteem of all individuals within the school are paramount.

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Counselling Support

Here at Parkhall Integrated College, we are committed to providing children with every opportunity to reach their full potential during their time with us. While the support given through our pastoral care staff and heads of year is of the highest standard, we are very conscious that some young people appreciate the opportunity to speak to an adult who is not directly involved with their education. Independent school-based counselling provides this opportunity.

The Independent Counselling Service for Schools (ICSS) is managed by the Education Authority and funded by the Department of Education. The counselling support provided conforms to the highest professional standards and current best practice for school-based counselling. Our current provider is Familyworks, and we have a counsellor who comes in every Wednesday to support our students.

Pupils have the option to self-refer if they have worries or concerns. If parents or guardians feel their child would benefit from counselling support, they can speak to any member of staff, and school will make a referral.

The counselling service will be responsive to students’ needs and will operate as an integral part of the school’s pastoral care provision. We will work with the counselling providers to deliver this service.

Should you have any further queries on our counselling support for students, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Davidson Brown.

Parkhall Integrated College Mission Statement

‘We endeavour to provide a caring, learning environment where each child feels valued and respected’

Pastoral Curriculum

The pastoral curriculum is mainly delivered through the areas of Learning for Life and Work (LLW) and Preparation for Adult Life (PAL).

Pupils are provided with a taught programme which focuses on the three key strands of:

Personal Development - topics include feelings and emotions, safety and managing risk, drugs awareness and self image.

Local and Global Citizenship - topics include equality and social justice, human rights and social responsibility.

Employability - topics include career action planning, self-awareness, CVs and application forms.

The taught programme is complimented by a series of other presentations and workshops covering aspects of the pastoral curriculum including, attendance, conflict resolution, healthy eating, Heart Start, relationships and sexuality and e-safety.

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