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Individual Pupil Support

The term “special educational needs” or “SEN” is defined in relevant legislation as ‘a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made’. ‘Learning difficulty’ means that a child has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of comparable age, or has a disability which hinders his or her use of the kind of facilities generally provided in mainstream schools. ‘Special educational provision’ means educational provision which is different from or additional to, provision made generally for children of comparable age.

We recognise that the definition of SEN embraces a breadth of learning difficulties varying in type, duration and severity.

We recognise that special educational needs can arise as a result of:

• specific learning difficulty

• learning difficulty

• emotional and behavioural difficulties

• physical disabilities

• sensory impairment – hearing / visual difficulties

• medical conditions

• speech and language difficulties

• prolonged absence from school / erratic absence

• adverse social or cultural circumstances.

We Aim to:

Arising from the school aims the following are relevant to children with special educational needs:

• ensure all pupils with SEN are identified and assessed as early as possible and as quickly as is consistent with thoroughness

• develop a good self-concept in all children with special needs, enhancing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image

• maintain an effective system of assessment, record-keeping and evaluation

• promote effective communications between Principal, teachers, Governors, parents and external agencies

• encourage parents and persons with parental responsibility to recognise the central role they play in the education of their child and to foster a proper partnership between parents and school.

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Parkhall Integrated College Mission Statement

‘We endeavour to provide a caring, learning environment where each child feels valued and respected’