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Parkhall Youth Club

Parkhall youth club is currently opened 4 nights each week and boasts a high membership of both students and non-students of Parkhall Integrated College.

The youth club programme provides a variety of physical and social activities for the members. The youth club has access to a large sports hall enabling members to participate in sports and other physical pursuits. Programme favourites include football (girls and boys), basketball, uni-hoc and dodge ball! The youth club can also offer sporting activities in the winter months, as it has access to floodlit outdoor pitches.

Arts and crafts, plays an important role in the life of the centre. Our members are encouraged to tap into their imagination, which in turn supports their creative and aesthetic skills development! Examples of art work completed by members, are regularly displayed around the youth club.

The focal point of the youth club is the social area. There are three pool tables, a bar football table game, an air hockey table game, a table tennis table and a number of computer game consoles.

We also have a large fully fitted kitchen which allows for cooking and baking.

For those members who have sensory difficulties, we have a dedicated space which helps support their specific needs!

As well as tending to the physical health and well-being of our members we also offer opportunities for personal and social development! The youth club has a dedicated FLARE (Facilitating Life and Resilience Education)Youth Worker, who can provide one to one and/or group support to children and young people who are experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties.

Supporting the personal and social development of members are opportunities to attend residential visits to outdoor educational centres, senior member training and development courses, good relations visits to other youth clubs and to become involved in a range of projects and programmes which identify, examine and support them in dealing with needs and issues that are important to them.

In addition, a very successful summer programme runs for two weeks in July for young people from the surrounding communities.