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What are the aims of homework in Parkhall Integrated College?

Homework supports work completed in class and teaches key learning skills, particularly through retrieval practice. Homework also encourages independence and self-discipline. As a college, we recognise that homework should be part of a balanced diet, allowing time for extracurricular participation, social and family activities and relaxation.

How much homework do we set?

The setting of homework at Parkhall Integrated College is reflective of teaching allocations:

(a) Homework in key stage 3

Students can generally expect to receive regular homework; this will be weekly for English, Maths, and Science, fortnightly for History, Geography, Home Economics, French, Spanish, Religious Education and LLW, once every three weeks for Art, Music, Technology and Design and Drama and once every six weeks for Careers, ICT and Business (year 10 only).

Overall, students should expect to spend approximately 30-40 minutes each night completing homework tasks across all their subjects.

(b) Homework in key stage 4

Students can generally expect to receive regular homework; this will be weekly for all their examinable, non-practical subjects (please note that most OCN and Occupational Studies subjects complete all assignments in class time. MFL OCN students will receive a learning homework).

Overall, students should expect to spend approximately 30-60 minutes completing homework tasks for each subject per week.

(c) Homework in the Sixth Form

Sixth Form students can expect a greater quantity of homework and independent work than they previously experienced. Tasks are typically more open-ended and involve students developing a greater range of independent learning skills. Sometimes homework will involve preparation for a sequence of lessons to come. Often, homework will involve longer, ‘research’ tasks such as planning an extended essay, completing portfolio tasks, practising applying new concepts by working through graded textbook exercises, or working through examination questions.

Sixth-form students receive 11 hours of tuition in each subject per fortnight and a good rule of thumb is that they should expect to put in the same number of hours outside of lessons doing homework and independent work in each subject. Typically, they can expect around 11 non-contact hours per week, during the school day, where they can use school facilities.

Recording homework

Students record homework in their student planners on the day it is set. It is a student’s responsibility to complete all homework, to do it to the best of their ability and to ensure it is handed in on time.

Acknowledging homework

Homework will be acknowledged by teachers in a variety of ways, either through simply checking homework during the lesson, requiring students to use their homework to make a contribution to the following lesson(s), asking students to self or peer assess their homework or by the teacher review marking it.

How are students supported with their homework?

Students can complete homework in our designated clubs, either in breakfast club or in lunch club, under the supervision of staff. Sixth-form students can access the facilities in the library until 4pm most days of the week.