Vision And Aims

School Vision & Aims

The school vision is to provide the highest quality of educational opportunity for all pupils. We value each person within our community and believe that all can benefit from and make a contribution to the life of the school.

The school seeks to develop young people who:

  • achieve their academic potential within a broad and balanced curriculum
  • develop personal attributes and social skills for effective citizenship
  • realise their self-worth and develop high self-esteem
  • are well prepared for the world of work, both now and in the future
  • are capable of making informed career and lifestyle choices
  • learn how to behave responsibly, respecting themselves, others and the environment.

The school mission statement – to provide a caring learning environment where each person feels valued and respected.

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Parkhall Integrated College Mission Statement

‘We endeavour to provide a caring, learning environment where each child feels valued and respected’

Integrated Ethos

The cornerstone of the school ethos is the development of quality relationships and the positive energy that is derived from these.

There is a firm commitment within the college to ensure that children from all faiths and none have the opportunity to learn together under the one roof and to recognise and accept their similarities and differences through mutual understanding. A well planned induction programme allows our new year eight pupils each year to settle into this positive environment.

The inclusive nature of the college, based upon the key principles of respect, tolerance and equality, allows pupils to achieve at their own level. Individual pupil needs are recognised and supported appropriately ensuring that every pupil has an equal opportunity to contribute to school life.

We take great pride in ensuring that all our pupils, who stem from a wide range of social backgrounds, feel part of the school community and that their talents are both acknowledged and rewarded appropriately.

Integrated Ethos