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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Coordinator: Mrs C Gourley

At Parkhall Integrated College we recognise the potential in all of our students and, as future leaders, we offer a range of opportunities and roles for students to become involved in leading others, influencing practice and embedding change in preparation for life beyond school.

There are four specific aims of our Student Leadership programme:

  • to empower students to work in partnership with staff and other students towards shared goals.
  • to establish a more positive school environment based on the contributions of the student leadership team.
  • to provide opportunities to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring and challenging projects including Anti-Bullying, Take 5 programme and environmental studies through the Eco-club.
  • to equip our student leaders to become role models for our younger students.

We encourage all of our students with the qualities and aspirations to make a difference to life at our school to apply for a role and to take the opportunities presented to them. We aim to encourage all students to explore our leadership roles in year 10 and year 14. In year 10 our Junior School Prefects will take on the role as a year 8 mentor, helping them settle into their new school life. Furthermore, they will become anti-bullying ambassadors for the school undertaking training to help support our younger students. Our year 14 Senior Student Leadership Team will take on a variety of responsibilities. These will include become actively involved in leading one of our committees:

  • Eco Club
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Formal
  • Charity
  • Take five steps to wellbeing

Our Senior Student Leadership Team will also become involved in weekly duties to help with supervision within a number of areas of school.

What Is Student Leadership?

Student Leadership is about providing opportunities for young people to show what they are capable of, both inside and outside the classroom.

Effective student leadership will:

  • Give our students an active role enabling them to influence decisions in relation to school life.
  • Enable students to participate as active young citizens.
  • Help develop various areas of school life, making it a more positive experience for themselves and our student body.


Parkhall Integrated College appoints student leaders in the summer term ready for September of each academic year. Our year 13 students will start the recruitment process in April with interviews taking place in May. Our year 9 students will start their recruitment process in May with interviews taking place in June. All students applying for positions will be required to complete an application form giving them the opportunity to discuss their personal qualities and skills, their leadership roles to date and how they would like to develop the role even further.