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Posted: 21st December 2021

Christmas Short Story Winners

A huge congratulations to Lucy Brady 9MF who won the Christmas short story competition with 'Max and Danny' and Kiane Williamson, 8CK, who was runner up. Read the winning story below.

The Young Reporter Team.

Max and Danny

One December morning a dog called Max and his owner Danny went to church like any other Sunday. It was freezing so Danny got his big thick coat on and put a little Santa Claus top on Max. They walked up the snowy, icy pathway. Cold mist surrounded them.

At church there were Christmas singers, tinsel and Christmas trees everywhere. It was very echoey and when the priest talked on the microphone it was deafening. After the service there was a little side room full of ornaments and Christmas food (and even some dog food). There were mince pies, chocolate puddings and even Christmas turkey - a full Christmas feast for everyone.

Everyone went and sat on a massive table. They were laughing loudly and having the time of their lives. The dogs were in another little playroom with dog food for them but they had been sniffing around the human food and somehow (no one knows how) some chocolate and mince pies had made their way from the human table and into the snuffly snout of Max, who loved his treats almost more than he loved Danny. No one knew that these were dangerous foods for dogs.

The next day Max wasn't up bouncing on the bed to get out as usual. Danny called his name from upstairs.


No response.


Danny was suspicious and went downstairs to see. Max l looked ill. Danny was very worried. This was his only best friend.

Danny rushed Max to the vets. He sobbed as the vet took Max out of his arms.

There was another person in the waiting room, Sam. Her dog, Lola, was getting picked up. She was so relieved when a healthy Lola came in, which made Danny even more upset. When the vet came in Danny sprung up and begged “Is my Max going to be okay?”

The vet sat down slowly. “I'm sorry Danny.”

Danny let out the most blood-curdling scream.

“But wait” said the vet. “There's a choice.”

“What? Anything to save my Max!”

The vet said “you can pay for very expensive surgery … or you can put him -”

Danny screamed “...NOOOO - I have nothing. I lost my job this year. I have no savings.”

Sam heard this and knew that there were people at the church who may help. She quickly went to tell the priest about Danny and Max. The money from the collection that day was given to Sam so that she could save Max.

Back at the vets, Danny was still heartbroken. The vet came back in.

“There is good news. We have been given the money for the operation. It may save him, but it is very risky.”

“Thank God,” Danny sobbed. “This is his only chance.”

Two long empty days later Danny rushed back and got Max; he hugged him and brought him home with lots of treats and toys. Max was back to his normal greedy self.

On Christmas day, Sam and her dog Lola visited and they sat in front of the fire eating mince pies for the humans and dog biscuits for the dogs.

Thank goodness Christmas was saved.

Lucy Brady


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