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Posted: 21st April 2021

Covid Sculpture

We are excited to unveil the COVID sculpture piece that the young people completed over the pandemic as part of the Youth Club. The Artists Name is John Quinn and in partnership with the Education Authority and Parkhall youth club, the young people designed this piece to represent the positives they found within the pandemic. The sculpture represents community, inclusion, mental health and the world coming together in order to support on another through a difficult time.

Pupils involved were:

  • Jodie Anderson
  • Sam Elliott
  • Mackenzie Ray Taylor
  • Jason Glenn

Leaders were:

  • Jason Perry
  • Trish Weir
  • Naomi Norwood
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Parkhall Integrated College Vision Statement

‘To provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential’