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Posted: 22nd January 2020

Knife crime talk

On 21st January we received a talk on knives. Two policemen came in and talked to us about the dangers of carrying a knife into school and in public places. They explained that there are some laws on what size of a knife you can carry and what type of knives you can carry - for example you can’t have anything that is over 3 inches (7.62cm) long and that locks into place. They explained that Butterfly knives and flick knives are all illegal in the UK whatever age you are although you can buy a kitchen knife when you are 18 years old but if the police stop you and ask you about it then you have to have proof that you just bought it. It is against school rules to carry a knife at Parkhall Integrated College. If you know of someone who is carrying a knife or has intent to use one to harm someone just tell a teacher or someone in the school you trust.

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