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Posted: 11th February 2020

Metal for life

The talk that was hosted by Gillian Kansanaho was a very informational and inspirational talk that taught me a lot about what mental health is about and how depression can affect a person and the people around them. The talk informed me about the symptoms of mental illness and how to deal with these problems, it also taught me how to possibly identify someone that is going through mental illness.

During this talk I had learned about the tragic story of Mrs Kansanaho’s son, the story about a bright young boy who had sadly taken his own life. This allowed me to see mental illness in a different perspective and taught me that not everyone is as fine as they seem.

After today’s talk I felt encouraged to help others around me that may be suffering from mental health issues and to provide help with anything that they may need, this talk also taught me that it was important to listen to others feelings as people may be hiding what they truly feel and listening to them may be a way to help them.”

Luke Devonald, Year 13

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