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Posted: 13th March 2023


On Thursday 9th March, Year 14 students attended Mossley Mill, Theatre at the Mill for the Cool FM Roadsafe Roadshow. Hosted by DJ Ryan A, two of our students, Head Boy Caelan Fisher and Deputy Head Boy ventured to the stage in the hope of winning some concert tickets, before the main event began. We followed the events of the night 17 year old “Craig” passed his driving test, and the real events that unfolded that night due to his careless and immature driving. The audience heard from members of the emergency services who first came upon the scene, as well as the people who cared for Craig in the aftermath. With many of our students having recently passed or learning to drive, this event reminded them of the importance of paying due care and attention and highlighted how quickly things can change in an instant. The Year 14s were extremely moved by the whole experience and everyone left thinking about how they use the roads, either as a passenger or a driver.

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