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Geography/Travel and Tourism

The Geography Department at Parkhall Integrated College aims to encourage student curiosity, interest, and enjoyment of our dynamic and changing world. The team strives to create opportunities for all students to be inspired by the world around them and to develop their role as global citizens.


Mrs S Feeney (Head of Department)

Mrs McKee

Mrs R Clague

Mr P. Harbinson

Department Aims

Through our Departmental Policy and Teaching we aim:

  • To deliver high quality teaching and learning across all Key Stages
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop, recognise and apply cross-curricular skills
  • To ensure students develop an appreciation of the roles Geography, Travel and Tourism play in their local, national, and global communities

Key Stage 3

The Geography Department follows the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 3. An exciting and balanced programme of study embraces the cross curricular skills (Communication, Using ICT and Using Mathematics) and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. The current “Big Picture” for each year group is:

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
The British Isles Weather and Climate Rivers
Geography Passport Earthquakes and Volcanoes Population and Migration
Tropical Rainforests Travel and Tourism Urban Change
Map skills introducing Ordnance Survey Skills Further map skills Global Mapwork and Time Zones

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 pupils study the CCEA Specification for GCSE Geography. The specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed at Key Stage 3. Students can be assured of an engaging, modern, and very relevant study of the many issues facing our planet and its people today and into the future. They will also have the option of continuing their study in our Sixth Form.

We also offer BTEC Level 2 Travel and Tourism. This growing sector of the economy involves some of the top employers in Northern Ireland and beyond at the moment. This is a vocational course that allows students the opportunity to consider continuing their studies with BTEC Travel and Tourism in our Sixth Form.

Sixth Form

Students can choose to study the CCEA A-Level Geography course. The specification builds upon GCSE knowledge and skills, enhancing them and allowing a deeper exploration of key human and physical geographic theories. This has become a popular course since its introduction in the college. Currently all four members of the geography team teach this course.

We also offer students the opportunity to study BTEC Level 3 as both a single (Extended Certificate) and double (Diploma) award in Travel and Tourism. These courses are delivered by staff for two years with some external exam assessment and some work assessed by our staff in the form of portfolio work. This is a varied course that offers vocational skills training alongside thorough research into the theory of these industries. These courses grow in popularity each year with excellent student achievements. This course is delivered by Mrs Feeney, Mrs McKee, and Mrs Clague.

Enrichment through Geography

Geography does not stop when the lesson ends and so we offer our junior students the opportunity to attend our “Geoggers” club after school. This club is led by the geography team and activities range from litter picking in our community to designing and growing a community garden for local residents. Held weekly, students will have opportunities to be creative, resourceful, and imaginative through varied activities.

We also offer a “Coursework Clinic” club for our senior students. This allows students to make use of our ICT facilities and teacher guidance to complete assignments, prepare for exams and meet set course deadlines. This club is also run by staff after school, weekly.

Facilities and Resources

The Department consists of 3 large classrooms with access to our own ICT resources and a central Resource Area. Each classroom has a Promethean Board, full internet access, teacher PC, printer and storage for GCSE and BTEC work. Each member of staff has an iPad and a Surface Pro to assist with our teaching. We are able to make use of our ICT resources to access media sources. We consider ourselves very well resourced to meet the needs of all our students at each key stage.

Parkhall Integrated College Vision Statement

‘To provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential’