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Curriculum vision

Students will engage in learning opportunities, accessing the full curriculum in an environment allowing curiosity to lead exploration while developing practical, academic and social skills.

Key stage 3

At key stage 3 our students study science across a range of real life contexts. This allows the development of their curiosity and enthusiasm for science and to build a firm foundation for further study.

Students are encouraged to reach their full potential through a range of learning experiences, designed to develop their thinking skills and personal capabilities in line with the Northern Ireland curriculum in an inclusive and welcoming environment where students feel valued, respected and cared for.

All programmes of study have been developed for maximum impact by our specialist teachers and actively signpost to career opportunities in STEM subjects. Students are actively encouraged to engage in their own exploration of science outside of the classroom including attending STEM Club, science trips, guest speakers and taking part in our science School Fair at the end of Year 10.

Key stage 4

All students study science at Key Stage 4.

There are a range of different routes available for students at Key Stage 4 Level.

Double Award Science

This course will provide students with two GCSEs in science.

Students study seven modules over two years including a practical exam. This course is designed to stretch and challenge students.

Students are taught by subject specific expert teachers at this stage and learning experiences are designed to stretch and challenge students to achieve at their full potential.

Single Award Science

This course provides students with one GCSE in science.

Students study four modules over two years, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Practical Skills.

This broad, practical course can help students appreciate the value of science while preparing them for related vocational studies or the world of work.

OCN Level 2 Certificate in Applied Science

This course provides an OCN Level 2 Certificate. This qualification offers UMS points equivalent to one grade B in GCSE.

This course offers students the opportunity to study three units which are assessed through coursework only.

Our students have the opportunity to study a tailored course suited to their needs which is heavily focussed on the application of the scientific method across the three disciplines of science. Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students develop practical skills alongside critical thinking skills and personal capabilities.

Key stage 5

At A Level, Parkhall Integrated College offers the CCEA: Life and Health Sciences Course for students at both Double and Single Award.

The CCEA GCE Life and Health Sciences specification was developed with industry in response to the needs of the growing life and health sciences sector in Northern Ireland and provides access to a range of higher education and industry employment opportunities.

At AS Level Students study:

Single Award

  • Unit AS 1: Experimental Techniques
  • Unit AS 2: Human Body Systems
  • Unit AS 3: Aspects of Physical Chemistry in Industrial Processes

Double Award students also study

  • Unit AS 4: Brain Science
  • Unit AS 5: Material Science
  • Unit AS 6: Medicine, Drugs and Clinical Trials

At A2 Level students study:

Single Award

  • Unit A2 1: Scientific Method, Investigation, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Unit A2 2: Organic Chemistry
  • Unit A2 3: Medical Physics

Double Award Students also study

  • Unit A2 5: Genetics, Stem Cell Research and Cloning
  • Unit A2 7: Oral Health and Dentistry
  • Unit A2 8: Histology and Pathology

Parkhall Integrated College Vision Statement

‘To provide an inclusive, caring learning environment where we all feel valued and respected and are empowered to reach our full potential’